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Home to leading chiropractor Dr. Pollack and up-to-date technology, Pollack Clinic of Chiropractic welcomes you to a well-appointed office that is ready to take on your concerns. Our intake process is relatively straightforward, consisting of two initial appointments before regular, ongoing visits.

The Process

Your first visit with us is all about getting to know you and your needs. During this 45-minute to one-hour appointment, you will complete brief paperwork, take part in a thorough consultation with Dr. Pollack regarding your health history, and undergo a gentle, non-invasive examination. If necessary, we will conduct an x-ray to gain more insight into your condition.

Unlike your first visit, your second appointment will be approximately 20 minutes to half an hour long and focus on plans of care that are tailored to the unique demands of your body. At this time, Dr. Pollack will share his findings from your previous visit and propose two desirable treatment regimens. You will have the choice between palliative, relief care or long-term care that aims to rectify the root cause of your presenting symptoms.

Depending on what is done, ongoing visits can be expected to last anywhere between five and 20 minutes.

Pollack Clinic of Chiropractic Can Help

Serving Deerfield and nearby areas for more than two decades, Dr. Pollack’s 41 years of chiropractic expertise allows him to appropriately care for nearly every patient that walks through his door. Pollack Clinic of Chiropractic successfully improves and corrects 90 to 95 percent of the 15 to 20 percent of unfavorable, neglected cases. Your condition is not too much to handle, and you are worthy of utmost care. You do not have to live in pain any longer. Become a member of our community today.


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